Pro Wrap

Handheld Equipment Covers

Pro Wrap Trimmer Covers protect and prolong the life of your handheld power equipment engines. Our heavy duty engine covers securely attach with nylon cord and secure cord locks. Our covers are the perfect fit for your string trimmers, stick edgers, hedge trimmers, and pole saws.

For best results, position the engine towards the front of your trailer when placed on your racks. This keeps the engine dry while transporting equipment in the rain.


Available Colors: Black, Red, Camouflage and Orange.

Engine Covers, Mower Covers, and Specialty Covers

Our large covers are built to size. We use tough nylon rope at the front and rear to secure them to your equipment during transport. They are also equipped with a high quality breather vent that helps dissipate heat.

Look professional with covers that set you apart from your competition.