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Avoid costly repairs not covered under warranty and
extend the life of your ECHO equipment
ECHO equipment is professional-grade and comes at a
premium price. You just invested a lot of money in your
ECHO product and you want it to run at its highest
capability year in and year out. The best way to do that, and
avoid a costly repair that is not covered by warranty, is to properly maintain the equipment and use
the right fuel every time. Did you know that using alternative fuels in ECHO 2-stroke engines will
void your engine warranty over time? And that engine and carburetor problems can still occur when
running your equipment on approved 10% or less ethanol content, depending on how your fuel is
stored and if the fuel in use is older than 30 days?
ECHO handheld outdoor power equipment is designed to tolerate up to 10% ethanol blended fuel and cannot compensate for higher concentrations of ethanol like today’s cars. Most blended fuel on the market today is E10, which contains 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol. But E85, which is readily available for flex-fuel automobiles, will cause havoc on 2-stroke handheld equipment and E15 & E20 are also on the horizon.

Check out our "InfoGraphic" to learn even more about ethanol!
Here are steps you can take to help protect your investment
Purchase only recommended fuel
Use 89 Octane [R+M/2] (mid grade or higher) gasoline known to be good quality and
containing no more than 10% ethanol. Gas with NO ETHANOL is ideal.
Only purchase enough fuel for 30 days of use
This is the best way to prevent using stale fuel. Only purchase from name brand high
volume stations to ensure you get the freshest gas possible.
Add a name brand fuel stabilizer and mix at the pump
Fuel stabilizers are only effective if mixed with fresh fuel and then properly stored.
Remember that nothing will properly rejuvenate old, stale fuel.
Use only modern self venting fuel storage containers with "no spill" self sealing spouts
Ethanol in blended fuel attracts moisture as soon as it’s exposed to air. High humidity
and fuel containers with poor sealing or missing spout covers or vents accelerate the problem.
Use ECHO Power Blend X or ECHO Red Armor 2-Stroke Oil
These oils contain a small amount of fuel stabilizer which helps extend the life of thegasoline mixture.
Shake the fuel container before each use
Shaking the container for 30 seconds prior to filling your equipment ensures the fuel is
mixed and helps to suspend any small amounts of moisture in the mixture.
Store fuel in a cool dry area
Cool controlled temperatures extend fuel life as it slows the aging process. Keep the can in a dry area to reduce
the formation of condensation inside the fuel container. Fuel should never be stored in your house or by a flame or ignition source.
Drain fuel completely for storage
If you do not intend to use your ECHO product within a 30 day period, drain the fuel completely from the carburetor
and the fuel tank.